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How to Make Your Teeth Whitening Last Longer

prepping to brush teethTeeth whitening can give you a massive confidence boost, but how do you make it last? Here are some steps to help extend the gleaming results:

  1. Minimise staining foods: To prolong your teeth whitening, avoid consuming foods and beverages that cause stains. If you must indulge, take sips of water between bites or sips to prevent stains from settling on your teeth.
  2. Opt for professional treatment: Getting your teeth whitened by a dentist ensures a higher quality solution and longer-lasting results compared to at-home treatments.
  3. Ensure teeth are healthy: Before teeth whitening, consult with a dentist to ensure your teeth are in good condition. This will help you achieve better results.
  4. Consider our take-home package: A home teeth whitening package can be a great option to maintain your bright smile. With our special that’s only $250, you’ll receive a consultation, trays, and bleaching gel.
  5. Get a top-up at your checkup: Our dentists can provide top-up treatments during your 6-month checkup. You can use the same tray, making it an efficient and cost-effective way to maintain your pearly whites.

By following these simple steps, you can enjoy a radiant smile for months to come!

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