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Answering the Top 3 Common Questions About Teeth Whitening

whitening consultWant to turn tarnished teeth into a gleaming set of pearly whites? Before you do, you may have questions about this cosmetic procedure.

Here are three of the most common ones we get and our dentists’ responses:

Will teeth whitening hurt my teeth?

To minimise any sensitivity and ensure your teeth are safe, we suggest a dental professional provide this cosmetic service.

What’s the difference between chemist whitening and professional?

By having your teeth whitened professionally, the dentist will ensure your teeth are in good condition. Professional brightening also uses a better quality and stronger solution to achieve better results.

Do I have to stop having coffee, wine, etc?

To enjoy long-lasting results, we recommend avoiding foods and drinks that stain. You can also take steps to minimise stain while still having such foods. For example, take a sip of water between staining foods such as berries, so stain does not sit on the teeth.

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