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Child Dental Benefits Schedule

Child Dental Benefits Schedule Detail 01

CDBS: Minor Amendments To Take Effect From 1 January 2018

In the news:

“The Minister for Health, the Hon Greg Hunt had advised the ADA that a number of changes to the CDBS have been finalised and will take effect on 1 January 2018.”

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Oral health awareness should begin early in life. And it is your responsibility as parents to help your children take the first steps of their oral health journey.

But educating your child can be very difficult . Choosing the right dentist is a challenging task. Then come the additional expenses that can put a dent in your budget.

At Caringbah Dental Care, we can help! You don’t have to choose between sticking to your budget and your child’s oral health. With the Child Dental Benefits Schedule, your Caringbah Dental Care dentist can give you both!

Read on to learn more of this amazing opportunity for you and your child.

What is Child Dental Benefits Schedule?

The Australian government, in partnership with Medicare, has initiated the Child Dental Benefits Schedule or CDBS, which covers $1000 worth of dental services over two calendar years. This is pursuant to their collaborative aim to instil oral health awareness at an early age.

The program targets children aged 2 – 17 years old. Eligible children shall receive a confirmation letter from Medicare.

The coverage period (two-year calendar period) begins to take effect right after your child avails themselves of their first dental service under CDBS. Your child should remain eligible at the end of the first year to continue using the program.

The remaining amount from the initial $1000 cannot be used after the end of the two calendar years. If your child is still eligible, you will receive another confirmation letter from Medicare and the $1000 coverage will be reinstated.

Dental Services Under CDBS

CBDS covers the following dental services:

The CDBS has limitations. It doesn’t cover the following dental services:

  • Orthodontics
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Services given in a hospital

Call us before your dental appointment to clear any confusion you might have about the program. Our friendly Caringbah Dental Care staff are more than happy to answer your questions.


To avail of the CDBS, your child must meet the following eligibility requirements.

  • Age (2-17 years old)
  • Member of Medicare
  • Family receives financial assistance funded by the Australian government

The following are the family financial assistance funded by Australian government:

  • Parenting payment
  • Family tax benefit
  • Youth allowance
  • Disability support pension
  • Carer payment
  • Special benefit
  • Veteran’s children education scheme (if child is 16 or older)
  • Military rehabilitation and compensation act education and training scheme (if child is 16 or older)

If your child is eligible, Medicare will send you a letter of confirmation that includes the coverage and limitations of the program.

Top-Notch Children Dentistry at Caringbah Dental Care

At Caringbah Dental Care, we provide quality dental care for all ages. We believe in the importance of oral health awareness instilled early in life. And we want to make this possible without worrying costs.

Make the most of your Child Dental Benefits Schedule. Choose Caringbah Dental Care for top-notch children dentistry in Caringbah.

Child Dental Benefits Schedule

Bulk Bill for children who are eligible for MEDICARE CHILD DENTAL BENEFIT SCHEDULE

Up to $1000 worth of dental treatments over two years

Call (02) 9524 7047 or visit us at Shop 3 10-20 MacKay Street in Caringbah.

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Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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