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Infection Control

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At Caringbah Dental Care, we believe patient safety and quality of care are the most important part of modern dental care.

Our Commitments for your safety and quality of care:

1. Achieving QIP accreditation.

QIP accreditation means that we adhere to industry regulations and guidelines and that we are committed to quality improvement, patient safety and quality of care. Caringbah Dental Care is a QIP accredited practice.

2. Regular self-audit and infection control training.

Our practice regularly undergoes voluntary audit with industry infection control experts to ensure our practice meets Australian standards of infection control and sterilisation, and have regular training sessions to keep our infection control practice up-to-date. It is our commitment to ensure you have piece of mind while being treated at Caringbah Dental Care and that your risk of exposure to contamination and infection is minimised.

3. Regular maintenance and validation of infection control equipment.

Our practice regularly services and validates our sterilisation equipment, and our instruments are processed according to latest Australian Standards.

4. Latest technology in Batch Control Identification.

Our practice employs fully digital, computerised state-of-art instrument tracking facility, so that for each surgical instrument used, we ensure that those instruments are sterilised properly before use.

Infection Control Practice
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