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Q What is Air Abrasion Filling? How can it help me?

Air abrasion filling is the removal of decayed tooth enamel without drilling. It makes use of a hand piece that works like a mini sandblaster “spraying” away the decayed bits.
To remove the decay, the hand piece blows a blast of air containing tiny aluminium oxide particles out of its tips, onto the tooth The removed decayed parts are then suctioned away by a thin tube.

Air abrasion filling has advantages over regular tooth fillings. It is non-invasive, produces no heat, pressure, or vibration, minimal tooth removal, and lessens the need for anaesthesia.

It is also recommended for those who are uncomfortable with regular drilling because of the needles and the noise.

Note that not all related dental procedures can be substituted with air abrasion filling. Dental crowns, inlays and onlays are some examples of dental treatments that call for regular drilling.

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Q How often do I need a dental scale and clean?

Brushing does not remove all the plaque in the mouth. Some areas can’t be properly brushed because they cannot be reached by a mere toothbrush. Such areas include the molars, which become perfect spots for bacteria to develop.

Before decay can set in a visit to your dentist is necessary. Your dentist will check your teeth’s status and may advise a dental scale and clean.

A dental check up is recommended twice a year but a dental scale and clean isn’t necessary as often. Your dentist will determine whether or not you need it. This is done during a dental check up.

By keeping your teeth plaque-free, a number of dental issues are prevented. Do not hesitate to visit your dentist right away.

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Q I had a toothache, but it went away after first aid; do I need to see my dentist?

Definitely. A toothache is caused by a more serious dental issue developing in the mouth. You need your dentist to treat the cause of your toothache otherwise the pain will return.

Some causes of a toothache are tooth decay, impaction, dental abscess, and gum disease. These are all serious dental issues and must be attended to immediately, before they can worsen. Failure to do so can lead to further damage and in some instances, tooth loss.

Understand that first aid steps merely provide temporary relief. They are important for the success of the dental treatment but they do not treat the issue. Only your dentist can properly treat and stop a dental problem from worsening.

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Q How often should I see my dentist for a dental check up?

A dental check up is recommended twice a year (once every six months). This is important to maintain good oral health.

During a dental check up, not only your teeth are checked. Your dentist will check all the areas in your mouth including your soft tissues. Your jawbone may also be checked to ensure its health. Tests such as oral cancer screening are also performed. Results of the tests and your current oral health status will be used as basis for your personalised oral health routine.

It is also during a dental check up that your dentist will determine whether or not you need a dental scale and clean.

Schedule your dental check up with your Caringbah Dental Care dentist today.

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Q What causes bad breath?

Halitosis or bad breath is one of the most aggravating dental problems. Sufferers are helpless on their own. That’s because our nose is desensitised to our own breath.

So how can you tell if you have a bad breath? Your Caringbah Dental Care dentist has a trick.

Lick your wrist and let it dry. If your wrist smells bad, then your breath likely does too. That or you ask an honest friend about it. Unfortunately, a lot of people would rather avoid you than risk hurting you with the truth.

Do not let your breath ruin important moments. At Caringbah Dental Care, comprehensive bad breath treatment is available. Aside from our bad breath treatment, we recommend a regular dental check up, bad breath sufferers or not. This way your dentist can properly look after your oral health.

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Q How can I tell if I have bad breath?

Halitosis can be caused by a number of things. The most common cause is poor oral hygiene. Food debris rots in the mouth and sends off a stinking scent. Plaque also accumulates around the teeth causing bad breath.

Another cause is your diet. Fondness for spicy and exotic foods can often leave a lingering scent in the mouth. Another dental condition that causes bad breath is Xerostomia or dry mouth. This happens when the saliva supply in the mouth is less than what is needed to maintain a healthy balance. Oral wounds can also cause bad breath as well as medical conditions (Diabetes, liver disease, kidney disease, and other conditions that affect your body’s metabolism).

Caringbah Dental Care has comprehensive bad breath treatments available. The treatment procedure depends on the cause and in some cases, the severity of the cause’s condition.

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Q What are your tooth replacement options?

Nowadays, replacing your missing tooth is easier thanks to durable restorative devices. At Caringbah Dental Care, we have multiple options to choose from. Each option answers to a different case.

For example, dentures are best for those with few to no natural teeth left. Dental implants can be used for single tooth replacement or as anchor for a dental bridge. A dental bridge is also a teeth replacement option. It replaces multiple missing teeth by filling the gap with false teeth. The false teeth serve as the bridge between one natural tooth and another.

To learn what is the best tooth replacement option for you, talk to your Caringbah Dental Care dentist today.

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