Diseases Of The Jaw

Diseases Of The Jaw | Dentist Caringbah Your jawbone’s health is an important aspect of your oral health.

An unhealthy jawbone can compromise the health of your teeth, and therefore affect your oral health status.

Unfortunately, not all diseases of the jaw are easily recognised. There are some cases that need the professional help of your dentist.

A headache and sore jaw in the morning shouldn’t be brushed off with a painkiller. It may mean that you have a disease of the jaw. See your dentist right away.

Common Diseases Of The Jaw

The following are common diseases of the jaw.

Bruxism – This is characterised by the unconscious and extreme grinding of the upper and lower arches of the teeth. This can happen during the day but is more prevalent at night, during sleep.

The impact from the grinding causes the teeth to flatten, chip, and even loosen. Bruxism can also cause the jawbone to tighten and lock. Sufferers usually wake up with a sore jaw that develops into a numbing headache.

Malocclusion – More commonly known as bite defect, malocclusion is the incorrect growth of the jawbone. Some cases include the lower jawbone protruding or being caved in. The result is teeth misalignment, and bite and chewing difficulty.

Jaw infection– Severe tooth decay can lead to a dental abscess that, when untreated, can spread to the jawbone. The infection can cause pain in the mouth during movement, swelling of the jaw, and fever.

TMJ disorders – The sliding hinge that connects the jawbone to the skull is called the temporomandibular (tem-puh-roe-mun-DIB-u-lur) or TMJ joint. It can be affected by multiple jaw problems such as bruxism, earache, and clicking and popping of the jaw.

Jaw trauma – Accidents can cause trauma to the jaw. For contact sports, always wear protective equipment to protect your jaw and teeth.

Jaw Diseases Treatment At Caringbah Dental Care

Treatment depends on the cause of the problem. For bruxism sufferers, we recommend a custom fitted night splint. This will protect the teeth when the two arches meet.

While there is no known cure to bruxism, there are studies that show links between the disease and stress and ADHD. Your Caringbah Dental Care dentist will help you manage the disease with jaw exercises. You also have to consciously eliminate the things that stress you.

To help protect your teeth during sports, we recommend a custom-made mouthguard. This cushions blows without hampering breathing or talking of the athlete.

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